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This is my dog abby.❤️

Mission driven pool from switzerland.

animal-happyend takes care of the fate of neglected, abused and tortured dogs in Southern and Eastern Europe. The animals receive medical care and are placed with suitable people in Switzerland or in their country of origin. Furthermore, the association carries out extensive castrations of stray animals in order to counteract a continuation of the misery on site.

animal-happyend can count on the support of more than 120 committed volunteers. The association is economically independent, politically and denominationally neutral and finances itself exclusively through donations, patronage contributions, legacies and proceeds from its own events for the benefit of the animals.

Decentral-iced donates all of the rewards from our 0.5 % margin to animal-happyend. See our receipts on Our Misson

Our setup


1 Producer Node

2 Relay Nodes

Each node consists of:

CPU:     4 vCore

RAM:     8 GB + 8 GB of Swap

SSD:      160 GB

Since August 2021

About me

Hi Cardano lover!

I'm a young independent swiss who wants to help decentralice the Cardano Network with this small Pool. I really love dogs and have one my own, that´s why i´m happy to donate the margin to a association helping dogs.

Consider delegating your ADA's to us and let us help you get ~5% per year of your ADA's back.

Just search in the Daedalus or in the Yoroi wallet for deci and press delegate.

If you're new to staking, please reach out using the contact form below, or say hi on Instagram.  Decentral.iced would be happy to help you through the process.


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